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Beyond The Game Fresno State The Bulldog Foundation

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History of The Bulldog Foundation

The “600 Club” was founded in 1933 to help Fresno State Students become future leaders in family, community, business, government, arts, education and athletics. In 1950 this group was incorporated as a non-profit fund raising organization and named The Bulldog Foundation. In 1972 the first full-time staff was hired to organize and run an annual fund drive that was powered by volunteers.  The purpose was to provide scholarships and recruiting dollars for Fresno State Athletics. 

In 2005, the incorporation of The Bulldog Foundation was expanded to include additional fund raising components and is now supervised under a Board of Directors appointed by the University President.  The “New” Bulldog Foundation oversees all athletic fund raising (scholarships, major gifts, and capital projects).  All approved Fresno State sport clubs are also under the direction of the expanded Bulldog Foundation.

Since 1972, Bulldog Foundation donors have contributed to scholarships, recruiting and for other athletic department needs.  Bulldog Foundation members have also been the core group in providing millions of dollars for the construction and improvement of Bulldog athletic facilities. The number of annual scholarship fund donors has increased from 843 in 1972 to over 3,300 in 2014.  More than 350 Bulldog Student-Athletes receive annual scholarship aid through the Bulldog Foundation

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