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Question:  Can I renew the same season tickets and/or parking I had in 2013?
Answer:  Yes, donors have the first right of refusal on their 2013 football and men’s basketball season tickets as long as all minimum donation requirements and deadlines are met.

Question:  Are any long-term commitments required to maintain season tickets and/or parking?
Answer:  No, donors make annual decisions to renew season tickets and/or parking.

Question:  How often are per seat donations or tickte prices adjusted?
Answer:  Although there are no immediate plans to make adjustments to the established donation requirements for season tickets and/or parking, an annual review of all requirements takes place to ensure that the needs of the Fresno State Athletics are met.

Question:  Can I upgrade my football and/or men’s basketball season tickets?
Answer:  Yes, donors can request to relocate their football and/or men’s basketball seats. All requests are prioritized by donation level and then priority point total.

Question:  Can I lower my donation and maintain my football and/or men’s basketball season tickets?
Answer:  Donors who downgrade and still meet the minimum donation requirements for their season football and men’s basketball tickets can renew all tickets in their account. The BDF hopes that any supporter with this option will strongly consider maintaining or even increasing their donation to support Bulldog Student-Athletes. As scholarship costs continue to increase, the BDF must grow its Scholarship Fund to support the athletics program at the highest level possible.

Last Updated Sunday, December 21, 2014 - 06:51 AM.